1k intervals at sub 8 min/mile

After a few weeks building up the mileage in my legs following the knee injury, I felt it was time to aim for some speed today so did some 1km intervals at my former 10K pace. It felt good to run at a decent speed again, and I coped fine with the intervals. I’m still a bit paranoid about my knee so out of caution (and a threatening looking cloud I’ll be honest!) stopped after four miles, but fingers crossed all seems fine and I plan to aim for a longer session on Thursday. Overall though I’m pretty pleased with my first speed session in a while.

18:14 min/mi177-48 ft
28:59 min/mi18137 ft
38:41 min/mi181-28 ft
48:48 min/mi18217 ft
0.210:19 min/mi17820 ft
Total36:234.2 mi8:44 min/mi180
2 ×3:33.5600m9:32 min/mi
1 ×4:52.0700m11:11 min/mi
1 ×:02.010m5:21 min/mi
Average2:31.0400m10:07 min/mi
WU5:030.67 mi7:29 min/mi179
13:29600m9:20 min/mi174
R4:33900m8:08 min/mi184
24:52700m11:11 min/mi178
R5:171050m8:05 min/mi186
33:38600m9:44 min/mi173
R4:32900m8:06 min/mi185
4:0210m5:21 min/mi189
WD4:510.46 mi10:31 min/mi181

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