Hot mixed pace run

From work to home, including three sub-8 min/mile kilometers, and the long slog up to Highgate Station!

18:02 min/mi176-17 ft
28:08 min/mi186-9 ft
39:09 min/mi18353 ft
49:00 min/mi185-12 ft
510:15 min/mi183160 ft
69:59 min/mi18164 ft
0.18:13 min/mi18511 ft
Total55:386.1 mi9:05 min/mi182
14:450.61 mi7:48 min/mi174
24:540.57 mi8:35 min/mi180
31:380.19 mi8:43 min/mi176
44:430.61 mi7:44 min/mi190
57:480.81 mi9:38 min/mi182
65:000.61 mi8:10 min/mi188
713:101.31 mi10:02 min/mi183
89:400.93 mi10:21 min/mi183
93:230.37 mi9:11 min/mi179

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