Another LSR up and down the hills

I’m deliberately including the hills up to Hampstead and Highgate in my LSRs at the moment, as I think they help with my endurance compared to the flatter LSRs I was doing before the Hackney Half.

18:44 min/mi156-88 ft
29:28 min/mi170130 ft
39:17 min/mi17233 ft
49:18 min/mi154-215 ft
59:12 min/mi157-90 ft
69:30 min/mi16561 ft
79:06 min/mi16739 ft
89:33 min/mi17072 ft
99:01 min/mi165-66 ft
108:48 min/mi163-93 ft
118:49 min/mi1687 ft
128:52 min/mi173-11 ft
138:47 min/mi167-69 ft
148:57 min/mi1681 ft
0.48:33 min/mi1652 ft
Total2:10:5514.4 mi9:05 min/mi165
110:521.24 mi8:45 min/mi157
210:121.04 mi9:47 min/mi174
319:092.09 mi9:08 min/mi160
428:253.06 mi9:17 min/mi165
57:200.77 mi9:34 min/mi171
619:342.20 mi8:54 min/mi163
714:021.60 mi8:47 min/mi173
821:182.41 mi8:49 min/mi167

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