Tempo run (3 miles @ 7:25 pace)

Left ankle still complaining at faster paces. Didn’t feel a thing on the track earlier in the week so a little odd. Hopefully nothing. Running in to the wind so pleased with pace.

18:48 min/mi151-14 ft
26:00 min/mi177-14 ft
37:04 min/mi18054 ft
47:03 min/mi183-11 ft
58:11 min/mi17020 ft
68:41 min/mi16893 ft
79:15 min/mi167135 ft
0.18:47 min/mi151-15 ft
Total53:237.1 mi7:30 min/mi170
16:420.78 mi8:36 min/mi152
222:233.02 mi7:24 min/mi181
313:031.50 mi8:43 min/mi167
411:131.21 mi9:14 min/mi165

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