Another run back home from work

The past two days I have run home from work in an effort to avoid any potentially busy tube trains because of the Olympics here in London. Yesterday was a bit slow as I ran with my backpack on which I don’t like very much, but today was a much faster. Especially when you take in to account the last two miles consist mainly of hills, including the rather nasty slog up Archway Road towards Highgate! I’m nowhere near the fitness I was at when I ran my 10K, but I can already feel a difference since I started back again, and I’m already managing to up the mileage so hopefully with some more work I’ll get there.

18:32 min/mi169-12 ft
28:40 min/mi186-6 ft
39:07 min/mi18253 ft
49:10 min/mi182-10 ft
510:15 min/mi182210 ft
610:20 min/mi17724 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 56:12 6.0 mi 9:21 min/mi180
1 4:58 0.55 mi 9:06 min/mi162
2 8:51 1.07 mi 8:15 min/mi184
3 5:37 0.61 mi 9:11 min/mi183
4 23:11 2.47 mi 9:23 min/mi182
5 3:27 0.32 mi 10:49 min/mi180
6 10:13 0.99 mi 10:17 min/mi177

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