At last, some progress?

Been feeling a bit demotivated this week, with my pace being very slow and my effort being very high. However today was a much better run – still slower than when I was at my peak, but much closer and I felt like I was “flowing”. Hopefully things will continue to improve like this…

17:48 min/mi168-15 ft
27:38 min/mi1747 ft
37:38 min/mi17521 ft
47:36 min/mi1754 ft
57:45 min/mi17621 ft
67:36 min/mi178-6 ft
77:54 min/mi180-14 ft
87:38 min/mi178-17 ft
97:41 min/mi175-14 ft
107:43 min/mi175-10 ft
Total1:17:1010.0 mi7:42 min/mi175
139:055.08 mi7:41 min/mi174
238:054.94 mi7:42 min/mi177

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