New week, fresh start

I’ve had a serious lack of motivation over the past week or so, which culminated in no running at all at the weekend. Just couldn’t be bothered, plus I think I had some kind of cold or virus about me as I felt exhausted despite plenty of sleep. Hoping for a fresh start this week, ready to start my training plan for Brighton next week.

18:47 min/mi157-25 ft
28:58 min/mi1634 ft
38:47 min/mi169-8 ft
48:56 min/mi1634 ft
58:52 min/mi1665 ft
68:47 min/mi1672 ft
0.18:50 min/mi165-4 ft
Total54:066.1 mi8:51 min/mi164
154:056.10 mi8:51 min/mi164

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