Back at it – 1km intervals at ~7:40 min/mile

Back at the intervals today in the gym. Pace felt good at the 7:33-7:39 min/mile average pace I was hitting, hard but manageable. Decided to go for it in the final kilometer with a 7:20 min/mile pace. Definitely felt that one! Was nice to do some real training though after a week off post-HM.

18:37 min/mi
28:51 min/mi
38:47 min/mi
48:46 min/mi
512:58 min/mi
0.67:22 min/mi
Total52:205.6 mi9:22 min/mi
6 ×4:54.51000m7:53 min/mi
Average1:57.8400m7:53 min/mi
WU2:190.23 mi10:16 min/mi
14:581000m7:59 min/mi
R3:53600m10:24 min/mi
24:591000m8:01 min/mi
R3:51600m10:19 min/mi
34:551000m7:54 min/mi
R3:50600m10:16 min/mi
44:551000m7:54 min/mi
R3:50600m10:16 min/mi
54:541000m7:53 min/mi
R:1349m7:06 min/mi
64:461000m7:40 min/mi
WD:130.03 mi7:53 min/mi

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