Gentle first run after the HM

Having had a relaxed week post HM, with just one gentle workout at the gym on Wednesday, I was looking forward to heading out for a run today. Took it nice and steady and although I felt I could do more kept to just six miles as I didn’t want to push myself. Looking forward to starting full training again next week to prepare for the Brighton and Berlin half-marathons next year!

18:18 min/mi-107 ft
29:42 min/mi163 ft
39:37 min/mi-100 ft
49:26 min/mi-121 ft
59:40 min/mi51 ft
69:31 min/mi104 ft
0.19:23 min/mi0 ft
Total57:326.1 mi9:23 min/mi
15:250.66 mi8:16 min/mi
212:141.31 mi9:21 min/mi
336:483.85 mi9:33 min/mi
43:020.32 mi9:31 min/mi

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