Back in the game (I think!)

The last assessment of my knee was perhaps a little optimistic, and the next day aches and pains had returned. Feeling rather fed up I initially decided to give it another week, but occasional niggles, along with a general apathy towards running brought on by this continuing injury and the awful weather lately, meant one week became three. Today though I was determined to venture out despite the 23º heat, and I’m over the moon to say the knee felt completely fine after two miles – no niggles, no aches, nothing! Fingers crossed it really is fixed now, and I get get on with training for my rapidly approaching half-marathon in October.

18:51 min/mi95-34 ft
28:46 min/mi560 ft
0.39:09 min/mi5032 ft
Total20:312.3 mi8:52 min/mi72
18:591.01 mi8:52 min/mi95
24:510.59 mi8:13 min/mi63
36:400.71 mi9:20 min/mi49

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