First ok(ish) run for a while!

The past few weeks have been pretty depressing run wise. After a week of short 2 mile runs which didn’t seem to be allowing my knee to fully heal I decided to give it a week off and see what happened. However after over a week of rest my first run gave me knee pain within half a mile and I decided to give up and give it another week. The past few days really seem to have turned a corner with the knee so I set out for another tester today. Thankfully things finally seem to be getting there – there was a bit of a nagging ache after a mile or so, but nothing too bad and at the end of the two miles after a short walk any aching was totally gone. Fingers crossed!

19:23 min/mi109-47 ft
29:57 min/mi9048 ft
0.19:19 min/mi97-2 ft
Total19:492.0 mi9:40 min/mi99
19:411.03 mi9:23 min/mi109
26:100.61 mi10:01 min/mi93
33:560.40 mi9:44 min/mi86

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