Back to it with a medium-long run

Missed a few runs over the weekend due to social commitments and also some laziness. Back to it today!

17:42 min/mi1739 ft
28:21 min/mi18411 ft
38:31 min/mi18846 ft
48:33 min/mi183-24 ft
58:07 min/mi1863 ft
68:20 min/mi18030 ft
78:41 min/mi18059 ft
88:34 min/mi173-2 ft
98:20 min/mi169-14 ft
108:58 min/mi171209 ft
118:24 min/mi17426 ft
128:29 min/mi173-6 ft
138:27 min/mi170-93 ft
148:30 min/mi1731 ft
158:15 min/mi16914 ft
0.38:47 min/mi16823 ft
Total2:09:0915.3 mi8:25 min/mi176
126:523.17 mi8:29 min/mi182
233:033.87 mi8:32 min/mi182
314:471.73 mi8:33 min/mi170
411:441.29 mi9:07 min/mi174
520:112.35 mi8:34 min/mi173
69:451.14 mi8:31 min/mi169
712:451.45 mi8:47 min/mi170

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