Boiling hot midweek jog

I didn’t make it to the planned 6 miles, but given that it was about 30º with blazing sunshine, and I was out until 2am the previous night drinking a gin and tonic or seven, I’m pretty pleased with the effort!

17:46 min/mi-45 ft
28:51 min/mi33 ft
39:25 min/mi-25 ft
49:46 min/mi15 ft
0.29:49 min/mi22 ft
Total37:234.2 mi8:59 min/mi
18:051.04 mi7:46 min/mi
29:481.09 mi8:57 min/mi
34:100.45 mi9:10 min/mi
44:580.52 mi9:36 min/mi
5:030.01 mi7:58 min/mi
610:161.04 mi9:52 min/mi

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