Jog around Hampstead Heath

The knee seems to be holding up well, and today I upped the run to six miles without any problems. My legs aren’t getting as achey as I feared they might after the break in running, however my breathing has definitely taken a step back. I think for the next few weeks I’m going to concentrate on building my weekly mileage at slower paces before I worry about any speed work. Still, great to be back running without any injury worries (fingers crossed!)

18:06 min/mi137-106 ft
29:49 min/mi116163 ft
310:16 min/mi87-103 ft
49:50 min/mi89-55 ft
59:55 min/mi83100 ft
0.99:47 min/mi92-1 ft
Total56:475.9 mi9:37 min/mi100
17:080.88 mi8:04 min/mi135
222:112.23 mi9:56 min/mi103
310:061.03 mi9:47 min/mi90
4:540.09 mi9:31 min/mi89
516:261.66 mi9:54 min/mi87

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