Breezy easy back in Worcester

Back to it after a few days rest to allow for an Xmas party. Despite still feeling a bit err, tired, today, pleased to find my heart rate seems to have returned to more expected levels for the effort. Managed a good pace today, despite the wind. Love how much flatter Worcester is compared to my usual North London routes.

18:06 min/mi1601 ft
27:40 min/mi165-39 ft
37:53 min/mi17210 ft
48:02 min/mi17222 ft
57:51 min/mi17215 ft
67:53 min/mi17125 ft
77:55 min/mi168-58 ft
87:45 min/mi16814 ft
97:40 min/mi173-7 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:10:55 9.0 mi 7:52 min/mi169
1 16:54 2.14 mi 7:53 min/mi163
2 8:46 1.11 mi 7:53 min/mi172
3 23:05 2.91 mi 7:56 min/mi172
4 22:08 2.85 mi 7:46 min/mi169

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