Checking out the new Zwift course

Replacement for planned easy run. Suffering with what I suspect is plantar fasciitis so wanted to give the feet a bit of a rest. Hopefully nothing serious.

12:58 mph139-10 ft
23:23 mph11856 ft
35:41 mph122166 ft
48:37 mph128308 ft
58:58 mph133328 ft
68:42 mph139322 ft
75:45 mph144160 ft
81:52 mph138-318 ft
91:30 mph142-328 ft
101:23 mph134-459 ft
111:48 mph135-232 ft
0.15:12 mph1323 ft
Lap Time Distance SpeedHR
Total 51:06 11.1 mi 13.0 mph133
1 51:07 11.08 mi 13.1 mph133

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