Droitwich and back via the canals
(aborted early)

One of my worst long runs I can remember. Was going ok until about mile 10, then I gradually lost energy and motivation. Legs felt ok, but I was tired and struggling. Eventually aborted, and now have tender feet from suspected plantar fasciitis. Depressing end to what was shaping up to be a reasonable week.

16:55 min/mi156-8 ft
27:10 min/mi169-1 ft
36:59 min/mi1701 ft
47:15 min/mi17731 ft
57:15 min/mi174-22 ft
67:23 min/mi1753 ft
77:18 min/mi17038 ft
87:15 min/mi172-1 ft
97:04 min/mi1663 ft
107:03 min/mi1660 ft
117:14 min/mi16614 ft
127:20 min/mi17039 ft
137:31 min/mi173-3 ft
147:19 min/mi164-8 ft
157:16 min/mi1633 ft
167:13 min/mi163-41 ft
0.97:20 min/mi164-6 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 2:01:57 16.9 mi 7:13 min/mi168
1 1:09:13 9.64 mi 7:10 min/mi170
2 52:44 7.22 mi 7:18 min/mi166

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