Chilly easy eight

Definitely feel like I’ve turned a corner, still quite slow but HR is much closer to the perceived effort now. Hopefully I can gradually begin to claw back my fitness ready for the start of the marathon campaign next month.

17:47 min/mi168-8 ft
27:39 min/mi175-15 ft
37:42 min/mi174-31 ft
47:56 min/mi172-2 ft
57:48 min/mi17111 ft
68:01 min/mi173-5 ft
78:12 min/mi170-2 ft
87:56 min/mi1701 ft
0.58:09 min/mi1707 ft
Total1:07:188.5 mi7:54 min/mi172
123:223.03 mi7:43 min/mi172
243:555.49 mi8:00 min/mi171

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