Chilly medium-long run

Strava can fuck off – my watch said 14.0 miles and I sure as shit wasn’t going to run another inch! I had forgotten how tough these mid-week medium-long runs can be, and my legs felt pretty tired in the final few miles especially on the hills. Still, that’s the point of these sessions I suppose.

My cough has almost completely gone now and that’s reflected in the performance today vs yesterday – same average HR on a longer, hillier route, and at a faster pace too. Relieved my fitness seems to be coming back – it’s silly I know but after a few poor performances I always start to worry I’ve somehow taken a big step back.

17:59 min/mi16814 ft
28:16 min/mi1747 ft
38:19 min/mi17656 ft
48:20 min/mi172-22 ft
58:16 min/mi17520 ft
68:34 min/mi17638 ft
78:47 min/mi17479 ft
88:54 min/mi176131 ft
98:03 min/mi170-97 ft
109:18 min/mi177203 ft
118:27 min/mi1769 ft
128:20 min/mi171-92 ft
138:46 min/mi175-3 ft
148:31 min/mi168-25 ft
Total1:58:5414.0 mi8:29 min/mi173
125:453.14 mi8:12 min/mi173
231:563.77 mi8:28 min/mi174
38:410.96 mi9:04 min/mi178
49:091.14 mi8:02 min/mi169
59:561.08 mi9:14 min/mi177
620:232.39 mi8:31 min/mi174
713:011.53 mi8:29 min/mi170

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