Chilly, misty Pitchcroft tempo
(3×10 mins @ LT)

Pace nothing to get excited about, but consistent and 10s/mi faster than last time I did a tempo around Pitchcroft. Slowly getting there…

17:31 min/mi1549 ft
27:42 min/mi1581 ft
37:30 min/mi157-14 ft
46:27 min/mi1817 ft
56:39 min/mi177-9 ft
66:19 min/mi185-2 ft
76:35 min/mi178-10 ft
86:22 min/mi185-2 ft
97:12 min/mi166-2 ft
107:28 min/mi1637 ft
117:26 min/mi162-22 ft
127:26 min/mi162-3 ft
0.67:28 min/mi162-4 ft
Total1:29:1712.6 mi7:05 min/mi168
122:402.99 mi7:34 min/mi157
210:011.57 mi6:23 min/mi183
31:390.21 mi7:51 min/mi158
410:021.59 mi6:19 min/mi185
51:380.21 mi7:35 min/mi160
610:031.58 mi6:20 min/mi184
733:124.45 mi7:27 min/mi163

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