Chilly tempo run (5 mi @ ~7:48 pace)

Tempo pace still rubbish – not sure if it’s lack of intervals, the high mileage, or the very cold weather. Will keep plugging away and hopefully all this mileage will eventually start to pay off!

19:01 min/mi16118 ft
27:51 min/mi18411 ft
37:47 min/mi19254 ft
47:47 min/mi191-22 ft
57:55 min/mi19210 ft
67:52 min/mi19336 ft
79:13 min/mi18373 ft
89:30 min/mi183148 ft
99:01 min/mi173-51 ft
109:38 min/mi18252 ft
Total1:25:4610.0 mi8:34 min/mi183
19:391.06 mi9:08 min/mi161
239:125.02 mi7:48 min/mi191
317:341.85 mi9:28 min/mi183
419:202.08 mi9:17 min/mi177

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