Easy down to the City

Final run of any kind of pace, everything now will be gentle recovery runs. Heart rate still a little high, but effort felt normal and breathing was well under control. Hopefully everything will settle down for Sunday.

18:04 min/mi1675 ft
27:29 min/mi174-161 ft
37:23 min/mi171-89 ft
47:34 min/mi17926 ft
57:38 min/mi181-62 ft
67:41 min/mi181-3 ft
0.36:26 min/mi17725 ft
Total47:406.3 mi7:35 min/mi176
115:371.99 mi7:51 min/mi171
214:541.91 mi7:47 min/mi175
317:072.22 mi7:42 min/mi181

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