Easy run down to the City

First time I’ve done a morning run commute in a while. Hard work! Don’t like running mornings but intend to start regularly doing these as running fasted is supposed to improve your body’s ability to utilise fat, which is great for the end of marathons.

19:04 min/mi151-4 ft
28:09 min/mi149-148 ft
38:07 min/mi153-83 ft
48:03 min/mi16020 ft
58:04 min/mi163-52 ft
68:40 min/mi1651 ft
77:37 min/mi165-13 ft
0.25:36 min/mi1641 ft
Total59:077.2 mi8:09 min/mi158
116:461.92 mi8:44 min/mi151
216:201.98 mi8:15 min/mi157
326:003.13 mi8:18 min/mi164

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