Easy spin on Zwift to get the legs moving again

Legs feeling better than after Manchester, but not as good as I hoped they might given the slower pace at London. They’re getting there though!

12:51 mph114-28 ft
22:55 mph1202 ft
32:58 mph128-11 ft
43:04 mph133-2 ft
53:05 mph13414 ft
63:13 mph132-3 ft
73:38 mph14031 ft
83:30 mph143-1 ft
92:39 mph142-40 ft
103:06 mph145-1 ft
0.15:29 mph1358 ft
Lap Time Distance SpeedHR
Total 31:29 10.1 mi 19.2 mph133
1 31:30 10.08 mi 19.2 mph133

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