Fasted easy run via Victoria Park

Slightly breezy today, and my GPS was acting a little funny (Garmin has this at 10.0 mi) so was hard to pace at times. I also seemed to suddenly slow when I hit Victoria Park… strange.

18:22 min/mi162-8 ft
27:45 min/mi165-156 ft
37:24 min/mi170-83 ft
48:04 min/mi16923 ft
57:44 min/mi175-58 ft
67:51 min/mi174-3 ft
78:33 min/mi173-14 ft
88:31 min/mi1712 ft
98:24 min/mi1728 ft
107:58 min/mi1721 ft
0.37:11 min/mi172-5 ft
Total1:22:4910.3 mi8:02 min/mi170
115:551.93 mi8:14 min/mi163
215:201.90 mi8:04 min/mi170
37:090.90 mi7:57 min/mi175
413:591.68 mi8:19 min/mi174
512:331.46 mi8:35 min/mi171
617:512.16 mi8:14 min/mi172

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