Fasted medium-long via Victoria Park

Strava measuring longer than Garmin again… both tracks look pretty much the same this time, so not sure who’s right. I’ll take the one that has me going 15 sec/mile faster!

18:12 min/mi1601 ft
27:46 min/mi161-155 ft
37:28 min/mi160-93 ft
47:42 min/mi17220 ft
57:47 min/mi173-49 ft
67:46 min/mi172-5 ft
77:56 min/mi171-9 ft
88:00 min/mi168-1 ft
98:02 min/mi170-4 ft
108:20 min/mi168-1 ft
117:35 min/mi1693 ft
0.36:58 min/mi1754 ft
Total1:28:5311.3 mi7:51 min/mi168
17:400.92 mi8:19 min/mi159
27:540.98 mi8:05 min/mi162
315:431.98 mi7:56 min/mi166
47:090.90 mi7:56 min/mi173
513:411.72 mi7:57 min/mi172
620:272.53 mi8:05 min/mi170
716:162.02 mi8:02 min/mi169

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