Final shakeout (w/4 × 20s (ish) strides)

Last little leg stretcher before tomorrow. I felt good, and the strides felt bouncy and effortless. My legs are definitely as fresh as they have been probably all year! The forecast looks good for tomorrow, let’s do this…

18:22 min/mi144-22 ft
27:49 min/mi16141 ft
38:42 min/mi15513 ft
0.17:57 min/mi147-21 ft
Total25:553.1 mi8:16 min/mi153
19:091.10 mi8:20 min/mi145
2:160.06 mi4:27 min/mi154
31:160.14 mi9:09 min/mi160
4:230.08 mi4:32 min/mi162
52:400.29 mi9:09 min/mi162
6:230.08 mi4:33 min/mi166
71:510.21 mi8:37 min/mi165
8:210.07 mi4:47 min/mi170
9:190.04 mi8:20 min/mi172
109:111.05 mi8:44 min/mi153

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