Ich bin ein Frankfurter

Had a smooth journey to Frankfurt, and now ensconced it what turns out to be the official marathon hotel. I spotted Charlotte Purdue (3rd Brit in London this year) on my flight, and some very fast looking chaps in the hotel lobby. I’m about a 2 minute walk from the marathon expo, and the start line, and there is an Italian restaurant opposite the hotel entrance, so the location couldn’t be more perfect!

After picking up my race number (very quick – typical German efficiency!) I went for a leg stretcher up and down the Main. The legs felt good, the effort was super easy, and the heart rate stayed nice and low, so a great sign I’m hopefully all set. Will do another short 5K recovery tomorrow with a few strides as a final shakeout, but otherwise it’ll be feet up shovelling jelly babies and Soreen in to my mouth. Not long now!

18:15 min/mi142-23 ft
28:17 min/mi14711 ft
38:29 min/mi14619 ft
48:26 min/mi146-11 ft
58:32 min/mi14715 ft
0.19:01 min/mi145-21 ft
Total43:125.1 mi8:25 min/mi146
124:182.91 mi8:21 min/mi145
218:532.22 mi8:30 min/mi146

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