First attempt at intervals on the treadmill

I decided to attempt my intervals session this week on the treadmill as it would allow me to maintain exact paces and avoid the elevation changes that are on my usual two mile circuit around my local area. I managed six 1km reps at roughly 7:45 min/mile pace, although I did slow down closer to 8:00 min/mile for one of the middle reps where I was starting to tire. Not sure if the treadmill made it harder or easier, there was no air resistance but I got pretty hot and sweaty. I ran at a 1% incline but I’ve read plenty of material both for and against inclines on treadmills to “simulate” outdoor running. Might experiment over the next few weeks and see how I get on. Anyway, this is the by far the best and most consistent intervals session I’ve managed since my knee injury!

19:15 min/mi179
29:23 min/mi179
39:32 min/mi180
49:50 min/mi180
59:39 min/mi181
69:26 min/mi182
0.212:37 min/mi166
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 59:10 6.2 mi 9:36 min/mi180
6 × 5:06.7 1000m 8:13 min/mi
Average 2:02.7 400m 8:13 min/mi
WU 1:49 0.15 mi 11:49 min/mi165
1 5:03 1000m 8:07 min/mi187
R 4:23 600m 11:45 min/mi168
2 5:02 1000m 8:06 min/mi189
R 4:19 600m 11:34 min/mi171
3 5:06 1000m 8:12 min/mi188
R 4:31 600m 12:06 min/mi171
4 5:17 1000m 8:30 min/mi188
R 4:31 600m 12:06 min/mi171
5 5:09 1000m 8:17 min/mi189
R 4:29 600m 12:01 min/mi173
6 5:03 1000m 8:07 min/mi190
R 4:16 600m 11:26 min/mi173
WD :05 0.01 mi 11:32 min/mi166

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