First ever half-marathon
(slow training run)

In my original plan this was to be a 12 mile run, but while measuring out a course I found that running down through Hampstead to Regents Park, looping the park, then heading back home via the south end of Parliament Hill and Highgate made for almost exactly 13 miles, so I figured I’d go for it. I made sure I kept to a nice slow pace and found the entire run comfortable, and while I could feel my legs tiring towards the end they felt fresher than at the end of the 11 mile long run last week. I’m pleased to have completed the half-marathon course with more than a month until my actual HM race, as it gives me plenty of time to fit in a few more decent long runs before tapering. Just need to work on my speed now, as ideally I’d like to run the HM at 8:20 pace, not 9:39!

19:19 min/mi156-106 ft
210:12 min/mi169159 ft
39:42 min/mi1697 ft
49:31 min/mi158-215 ft
59:35 min/mi160-60 ft
69:46 min/mi162-29 ft
79:52 min/mi16228 ft
89:36 min/mi1634 ft
99:31 min/mi1659 ft
109:22 min/mi16323 ft
119:25 min/mi16936 ft
129:42 min/mi173169 ft
139:40 min/mi167-25 ft
0.19:48 min/mi172-0 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 2:06:36 13.1 mi 9:38 min/mi164
1 21:35 2.20 mi 9:49 min/mi164
2 11:15 1.18 mi 9:32 min/mi165
3 59:16 6.14 mi 9:39 min/mi162
4 13:59 1.49 mi 9:21 min/mi169
5 20:36 2.12 mi 9:42 min/mi170

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