First run after a weeks rest

The day after my 10K race my legs burned! Given that the distance wasn’t particularly long compared to my recent running, I think the 200m sprint at the end was to blame. My thigh injury was still niggling though, so I decided to have another week of rowing and cycling at the gym in the hope of finally getting 100% fixed. It definitely felt better as the week progressed and by Friday it was completely normal most of the time. Therefore I decided to give it a go today and see how I got on. At the two mile point where I could have cut back the leg felt good so I carried on and ended up heading down to Finsbury Park and back. By the end of the run there was a bit of an ache but no pain like I had before which I’m hoping is a good sign. A day of total rest tomorrow, and hopefully it’ll be feeling good enough to get back to proper training next week.

19:25 min/mi-76 ft
29:41 min/mi58 ft
39:27 min/mi-112 ft
49:25 min/mi-59 ft
59:41 min/mi60 ft
69:43 min/mi118 ft
79:21 min/mi-75 ft
0.99:27 min/mi86 ft
Total1:15:417.9 mi9:31 min/mi
117:161.80 mi9:34 min/mi
220:452.20 mi9:26 min/mi
320:572.16 mi9:42 min/mi
416:411.78 mi9:21 min/mi

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