Back at the intervals

With my thigh slowly getting better I decided to have a go at my usual 6x1km intervals session. The first two intervals felt pretty good and I was pleased that I managed to pace without struggling so I’ve not lost too much fitness during this recent bout of reduced running. However by the third interval my thigh was starting to nag a bit so I called it quits at halfway and hit the bike and rowing machine to warm down. Will see what the leg feels like tomorrow after a tougher workout…

19:00 min/mi
28:24 min/mi
38:39 min/mi
0.27:13 min/mi
Lap Time Distance Pace
Total 27:12 3.2 mi 8:36 min/mi
3 × 4:46.3 1000m 7:40 min/mi
Average 1:54.5 400m 7:40 min/mi
WU 5:21 0.50 mi 10:38 min/mi
1 4:46 1000m 7:40 min/mi
R 3:36 600m 9:39 min/mi
2 4:46 1000m 7:40 min/mi
R 3:50 600m 10:16 min/mi
3 4:47 1000m 7:41 min/mi
WD :01 0.01 mi 3:14 min/mi

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