First run for two weeks!

After giving up my HM ambitions I resolved to have at least another week off running, which turned in to two after a rather prolonged cold laid me low for most of last week. Finally at the weekend, when I was ready to get out again I managed to somehow hurt my shoulder making basic movement painful. Quite a few weeks. Thankfully the shoulder pain is subsiding now and indeed feels much better after this run. Ankle felt fine, vague nagging at the very end but no pain and felt 100% normal afterwards. Hopefully I can slowly ease back in to things now. Won’t go above 4 miles this week no matter what. Promise!

18:38 min/mi170-57 ft
28:57 min/mi18418 ft
39:04 min/mi18540 ft
0.59:23 min/mi188-0 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 31:43 3.5 mi 8:58 min/mi181
1 15:30 1.77 mi 8:44 min/mi176
2 16:11 1.76 mi 9:10 min/mi186

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