Faster paced test run

Test failed. Ankle started to twinge at about four miles, so gave up to prevent possibly injuring myself again. Bristol HM is definitely off now I think. More rest, and hopefully I can slowly get back to running over the next few weeks. Pretty annoying!

18:13 min/mi180-18 ft
28:04 min/mi188-6 ft
38:12 min/mi19052 ft
47:54 min/mi185-9 ft
0.27:56 min/mi1969 ft
Total33:524.2 mi8:05 min/mi186
15:050.61 mi8:21 min/mi175
23:000.40 mi7:35 min/mi188
39:111.13 mi8:05 min/mi189
45:060.61 mi8:17 min/mi189
56:190.80 mi7:55 min/mi189
64:150.54 mi7:48 min/mi184

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