Gentle run home

Nice easy run home, was careful to keep the pace slow and heart beat low even up the hills towards the end of the run. Loving the Mio Alpha HRM, so much better than a heart rate strap!

19:23 min/mi158-5 ft
28:33 min/mi1706 ft
39:06 min/mi16939 ft
49:08 min/mi168-1 ft
510:08 min/mi173212 ft
69:44 min/mi16721 ft
Total56:106.0 mi9:21 min/mi168
15:340.59 mi9:25 min/mi155
213:501.55 mi8:56 min/mi169
323:162.50 mi9:18 min/mi169
410:101.01 mi10:06 min/mi170
53:300.36 mi9:35 min/mi163

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