Tempo run home

Pleased with my pace here, before the final 1.5 miles of serious hills my average pace was 7:35 min/mile, a little quicker than my planned pace of 7:38. Think I may have had a bit of a tail wind in places, but still – positive run.

17:40 min/mi172-22 ft
27:09 min/mi178-7 ft
37:35 min/mi17852 ft
47:33 min/mi179-10 ft
58:58 min/mi176157 ft
68:29 min/mi17970 ft
0.28:02 min/mi18314 ft
Total48:476.2 mi7:54 min/mi177
14:460.61 mi7:49 min/mi167
22:350.35 mi7:19 min/mi181
32:550.43 mi6:49 min/mi176
46:050.80 mi7:36 min/mi181
54:240.56 mi7:55 min/mi177
614:421.87 mi7:52 min/mi180
711:571.39 mi8:34 min/mi178

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