Gentle run to Finsbury Park and back

18:44 min/mi171-83 ft
29:11 min/mi18085 ft
39:12 min/mi173-126 ft
48:46 min/mi181-91 ft
59:35 min/mi188128 ft
69:39 min/mi18877 ft
0.49:07 min/mi187-15 ft
Total58:456.4 mi9:11 min/mi181
111:191.28 mi8:50 min/mi172
25:560.65 mi9:05 min/mi182
317:261.94 mi8:58 min/mi177
415:511.65 mi9:35 min/mi187
52:350.26 mi9:48 min/mi194
65:340.60 mi9:13 min/mi186

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