Hilly, windy medium-long run via Hampstead

Between the wind, the hills, and the tired legs from yesterday’s tempo run, this felt like quite hard work! I suppose that’s the point of these midweek longer runs though.

18:19 min/mi16312 ft
28:25 min/mi17222 ft
39:00 min/mi17449 ft
48:49 min/mi171-11 ft
59:11 min/mi17793 ft
69:12 min/mi172-1 ft
79:04 min/mi169-18 ft
89:21 min/mi17231 ft
98:59 min/mi164-18 ft
109:18 min/mi174117 ft
119:34 min/mi175163 ft
128:54 min/mi152-159 ft
139:06 min/mi16532 ft
148:59 min/mi16811 ft
0.19:45 min/mi18112 ft
Total2:07:1514.1 mi9:01 min/mi169
146:255.29 mi8:46 min/mi172
218:462.05 mi9:08 min/mi171
310:051.10 mi9:10 min/mi163
421:252.27 mi9:25 min/mi175
514:361.64 mi8:52 min/mi156
615:571.74 mi9:09 min/mi169

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