Tempo run (5 mi @ ~7:33 pace)

Still not hitting the paces I was managing at the end of November, but today’s run felt much more controlled than the last few tempo runs I’ve done. Given this was five miles at tempo, net uphill and with a bit of wind against me not too bad I guess. Improvement at least.

18:58 min/mi1558 ft
27:28 min/mi1867 ft
37:37 min/mi18951 ft
47:23 min/mi190-31 ft
57:23 min/mi1949 ft
67:49 min/mi19228 ft
79:19 min/mi176102 ft
88:54 min/mi16883 ft
99:12 min/mi1648 ft
Total1:14:109.0 mi8:13 min/mi178
19:031.01 mi8:56 min/mi155
237:455.01 mi7:32 min/mi190
327:212.99 mi9:08 min/mi169

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