Hot and tired via Victoria Park

Eugh, did not enjoy a single second of this run. Late leaving the office so it is as busier than usual. Quite hot and humid out. And I felt pretty tired (legs ok, just tired generally). Rarely been so glad for a run to be over! Still, got it done and didn’t cut it short which is something I guess…

17:37 min/mi162-88 ft
27:39 min/mi1728 ft
37:49 min/mi17512 ft
47:50 min/mi17649 ft
57:51 min/mi176-22 ft
67:48 min/mi18361 ft
78:01 min/mi18010 ft
87:56 min/mi1797 ft
98:02 min/mi167-22 ft
108:07 min/mi179103 ft
0.78:22 min/mi17426 ft
Total1:24:4610.7 mi7:54 min/mi175
117:372.30 mi7:39 min/mi168
218:552.41 mi7:50 min/mi176
312:421.62 mi7:49 min/mi182
47:020.87 mi8:03 min/mi179
511:291.45 mi7:55 min/mi175
616:592.06 mi8:13 min/mi175

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