Hot hot hot easy via Finsbury Park

Pleased with the effort/HR today, despite the heat. Annoying the HRM strap fell off half way through, but before that the HR was looking good. Definitely seem to be heading back to fitness, thankfully.

18:13 min/mi160-20 ft
28:35 min/mi166-6 ft
38:39 min/mi17171 ft
48:28 min/mi98-40 ft
58:47 min/mi7257 ft
68:53 min/mi7294 ft
0.28:29 min/mi7245 ft
Total53:206.2 mi8:36 min/mi121
122:442.68 mi8:28 min/mi165
212:301.46 mi8:34 min/mi112
318:052.05 mi8:48 min/mi72

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