Hot track tempo (4 mi @ LT)

Left this until almost sunset to try and avoid the heat. Still hot, but better than it would have been mod-afternoon! Pleased with pace, right on Daniels LT pace for a 38:00 runner despite the heat.

Went a little too fast on the first few laps as a couple of kids were trying to wind me up, and couldn’t resist burning them off. Settled down after that and thankfully didn’t pay for it too much later on!

16:10 min/mi185-1 ft
26:31 min/mi193-4 ft
36:21 min/mi194-4 ft
46:14 min/mi195-0 ft
0.15:30 min/mi19610 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 26:01 4.1 mi 6:18 min/mi192
1 :18 0.04 mi 7:42 min/mi111
2 25:43 4.09 mi 6:17 min/mi193

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