Intervals – 4 × 1km at around 7:30 min/mile

Had a bit of a stitch for the final two intervals, which slowed me down a bit, but fairly pleased with managing a pretty fast pace in rather warm weather.

17:45 min/mi180-43 ft
28:30 min/mi18831 ft
38:43 min/mi184-24 ft
48:29 min/mi18715 ft
0.210:10 min/mi18421 ft
Total35:084.2 mi8:26 min/mi185
2 ×2:46.0400m11:07 min/mi
1 ×4:45.0700m10:55 min/mi
Average2:44.5400m11:01 min/mi
WU4:440.66 mi7:08 min/mi182
12:44400m10:59 min/mi178
R5:011100m7:20 min/mi190
24:45700m10:55 min/mi184
R5:101000m8:18 min/mi188
32:48400m11:15 min/mi179
R4:521000m7:49 min/mi188
WD5:040.49 mi10:15 min/mi185

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