Intervals (5×800m @ ~6:58 pace)

First intervals for a few weeks. Very hard work! Hot weather and wind working against me, but also definitely out of shape. Hopefully back to business with a few more weeks of these.

19:31 min/mi171-66 ft
27:26 min/mi1912 ft
37:30 min/mi1891 ft
48:01 min/mi1850 ft
58:28 min/mi18018 ft
0.88:59 min/mi18426 ft
Total48:375.8 mi8:18 min/mi183
5 ×3:27.8800m6:58 min/mi
1 ×:03.06m13:24 min/mi
Average1:44.4400m6:58 min/mi
WU9:180.96 mi9:42 min/mi172
13:20800m6:42 min/mi191
R2:17400m9:11 min/mi185
23:31800m7:04 min/mi193
R2:11400m8:47 min/mi183
33:25800m6:52 min/mi189
R2:19400m9:19 min/mi185
43:28800m6:58 min/mi192
R2:19400m9:19 min/mi177
53:35800m7:12 min/mi191
R2:29400m9:59 min/mi181
6:036m13:24 min/mi142
WD10:111.14 mi8:58 min/mi179

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