Intervals (6×1000m @ ~6:45 pace)

First time cycling to the track from work. Definitely felt tiredness in the legs when I started, but pretty pleased with the pace, faster for longer than last week, despite the heat, sunshine, and cycling in my legs. Garmin 620 reset itself AGAIN during interval 6, so recorded slightly short.

17:31 min/mi1760 ft
27:43 min/mi180-0 ft
38:27 min/mi176-1 ft
48:09 min/mi174-1 ft
58:07 min/mi176-0 ft
0.37:19 min/mi1903 ft
Total41:515.3 mi7:58 min/mi177
5 ×4:10.21000m6:42 min/mi
1 ×2:25.0600m6:28 min/mi
Average1:39.7400m6:41 min/mi
WU1:580.22 mi8:50 min/mi153
14:001000m6:26 min/mi186
R3:02450m10:50 min/mi171
24:011000m6:27 min/mi187
R2:59450m10:40 min/mi176
34:131000m6:47 min/mi186
R3:32450m12:38 min/mi164
44:211000m7:00 min/mi180
R3:17450m11:44 min/mi166
54:161000m6:51 min/mi184
R3:22450m12:02 min/mi167
62:25600m6:28 min/mi184
WD:130.02 mi12:33 min/mi193

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