Intervals (6×800m @ ~6:53 pace)

Warm and breezy tonight, so with the Bupa 10K on Sunday kept things easier with just 800m reps tonight. Lost concentration on last lap and drifted a bit slower, but otherwise felt good. Too fast on first lap as usual!

19:46 min/mi175-67 ft
27:13 min/mi194-3 ft
37:22 min/mi1923 ft
47:54 min/mi1863 ft
57:29 min/mi1861 ft
69:09 min/mi17846 ft
0.39:57 min/mi176-2 ft
Total52:086.3 mi8:14 min/mi184
6 ×3:25.5800m6:53 min/mi
Average1:42.8400m6:53 min/mi
WU9:160.91 mi10:09 min/mi175
13:21800m6:44 min/mi191
R2:03400m8:14 min/mi192
23:25800m6:52 min/mi197
R2:05400m8:22 min/mi188
33:25800m6:52 min/mi195
R2:15400m9:03 min/mi179
43:26800m6:54 min/mi191
R2:20400m9:23 min/mi184
53:27800m6:56 min/mi191
R2:13400m8:55 min/mi177
63:29800m7:00 min/mi189
R:24100m6:26 min/mi189
WD10:471.11 mi9:43 min/mi175

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