I’ve joined a gym!

After a few weeks of deliberation I finally decided to join a gym. This is partially fuelled by a desire to have somewhere dry to run when the weather is crap, but also so I can do some cross training on my “rest days” so I can continue to improve my cardio, which I know is a big weak-point in my running. I’ve only been a few times but so far so good – it’s the newest Virgin Active Classic club in the City, so everything is shiny & new, and it hasn’t been super-busy whenever I’ve been. I absolutely love the Wattbikes they have, which measure your power when you pedal and provide all kinds of interesting stats. Somehow my pedalling manages to produce a “peanut” graph which is usually produced by intermediates, as opposed to the figure of eight for beginners, and the “sausage” for elites. Not bad considering I’ve not ridden a bike (aside from the odd Boris to get around town) for years!

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