Knee tester

After a miserable weekend hobbling about feeling like the world had ended, Iā€™m cautiously optimistic 🤞 Other than some tightness/discomfort from the wound, knee felt fine 👍

18:28 min/mi14410 ft
28:22 min/mi146-7 ft
38:39 min/mi148-6 ft
48:41 min/mi150-3 ft
58:37 min/mi1523 ft
68:33 min/mi152-5 ft
78:38 min/mi150-3 ft
0.58:36 min/mi1491 ft
Lap Time Distance PaceHR
Total 1:04:25 7.5 mi 8:34 min/mi149
1 1:04:25 7.51 mi 8:34 min/mi149

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