Last double-digit run before Frankfurt

Beautiful Autumn morning for a run. Started out very fast, so had to reign myself in as the pace kept creeping up without me realising. No point tiring them out today! My HRM seemed to stick at a higher HR a few times, so the average HR should probably be a touch lower. It might be the last time I run this route, so I took the time to take in the sights and take a few photos. This time next week I’ll be out on the streets of Frankfurt!

17:07 min/mi163-59 ft
27:08 min/mi166-37 ft
38:18 min/mi176184 ft
47:34 min/mi175-86 ft
57:13 min/mi164-167 ft
67:30 min/mi165-74 ft
77:20 min/mi163-10 ft
87:34 min/mi16526 ft
97:33 min/mi169-6 ft
107:35 min/mi17152 ft
117:49 min/mi17235 ft
128:05 min/mi16990 ft
137:48 min/mi16912 ft
Total1:38:5013.0 mi7:35 min/mi168
113:441.93 mi7:07 min/mi164
29:031.09 mi8:16 min/mi176
320:572.83 mi7:24 min/mi168
416:152.17 mi7:28 min/mi165
59:081.22 mi7:28 min/mi168
67:170.93 mi7:48 min/mi173
711:011.41 mi7:50 min/mi169
87:140.88 mi8:11 min/mi173
94:060.55 mi7:26 min/mi166

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