Long progression run (3 mi @ LT)

Legs felt tired today after standing most of yesterday evening at the Highgate Harriers Night of the 10,000m PBs. Calves were also still a little achey from my speed session on Friday. I was therefore in two minds about the 3 miles at LT pace at the end of this run.

Indeed right up until I got to the track I was seriously considering binning it. However by then my calves had loosened up, the legs didn’t feel any more tired, and I knew I’d regret not doing it, so I thought “fuck it” and turned off to the track.

Pleased enough with the pace during the LT three miles given the tired legs. Slowed a little towards the end but I didn’t push it as I didn’t want to risk injury or being too tired for training and the London 10K next week.

18:03 min/mi160-56 ft
28:02 min/mi167-35 ft
38:49 min/mi179180 ft
47:55 min/mi172-89 ft
57:47 min/mi166-178 ft
67:51 min/mi168-70 ft
77:53 min/mi1763 ft
88:24 min/mi17455 ft
98:02 min/mi174-45 ft
108:34 min/mi17268 ft
116:42 min/mi187-7 ft
126:57 min/mi1890 ft
136:44 min/mi1890 ft
148:19 min/mi18246 ft
158:56 min/mi17673 ft
Total1:59:2615.0 mi7:56 min/mi175
114:581.86 mi8:01 min/mi163
29:301.09 mi8:45 min/mi177
321:582.79 mi7:52 min/mi169
417:332.18 mi8:04 min/mi174
58:391.07 mi8:06 min/mi175
69:021.06 mi8:32 min/mi171
720:233.02 mi6:45 min/mi189
811:591.40 mi8:34 min/mi179
95:210.59 mi9:06 min/mi178

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